Grown in red soil,  Superior eating flavor

Grown in red soil, 

Superior eating flavor

Growing potatoes with love for 30 years

Growing potatoes with love for over 30 years

Accredited with the most recognised standards

Accredited with the most recognised standards

Providing highest quality of potatoes

Providing highest quality of potatoes

D.P. Fresca Cyprus Ltd

The company's primary activity is the production, packaging, storing and exporting of Cyprus potatoes. In order to satisfy the demands of our clients we incessantly make sure that our farmers are fully aware that quality is our priority. Thus, we constantly supervise the planting, grading, packing, shipping and marketing of each and every one of our esteemed products.

Our Story


The main produced and exported varieties are:


  • Allians
  • Spunta
  • Everest
  • Annabelle
  • Marfona
  • Nicola
  • Charlotte
  • El Mundo
  • Vitabella


Potatoes will be packed according to client preferences.


We are capable of packing:


  • 3 Kgs
  • 10 Kgs
  • 20 Kgs
  • 25 Kgs 
  • Jumbos at 1,250 Kgs


ISO 22000

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