The Company was founded in 2009 by Demetris Petrides and John Symeonides. Both co-founders cherish an experience of more than 30 years in the field of potato and vegetable cultivation.

In order to meet the highest possible standards and provide the best quality in this demanding industry, the Company decided to construct its own Packing premises in 2010. Since then, the Company boasts an enormous expansion in terms of productivity and efficiency.

We guarantee the highest possible quality for our products, having an adequate and well trained staff that monitors the process from start to finish.

Our Packing premises are fully accredited with the most distinguished standards, such as IFS, BRC, and ISO 22000, having been awarded the highest grades for these standards. We have chosen a prime location, situated in the heart of the potato fields, also known as the "Red Soil" area, in Cyprus.

The Company has already been established as one of the most prestigious potato export companies of the island, fulfilling its objective to provide high quality products to its clients from various European countries, such as Greece, England, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Ireland, Slovenia, Serbia, Austria and Luxembourg. Our services are reserved in the local market only for few, handpicked clients.

Therefore, in order to increase our efficiency and meet the demands of all our clients, we have invested in top grading machines. The Company has managed to organize a specially selected team of approximately 70 farmers, all awarded with the GlobalG.A.P. certification.

Our Packing premises are capable of exporting potatoes the year round, aiming at expanding in the near future into the Middle East and the Persian Gulf area.