Building relationships

One of our main goals is to become an established company not only in the European market, but also in the Mediterranean, in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf area, forging strong relationships with each one of our esteemed clients. Such a goal demands definite, high values:

Client trust and satisfaction

Measuring Client satisfaction has become an integral part of our management strategies across the globe. Moreover, the quality assurance and accreditation process that all of our clients are looking for requires a regular measurement of our client's satisfaction. We invest heavily on building trust between our clients and our Management team and therefore our two co-founders organize regular visits and meetings with our clients, seeking to enhance and further cultivate this trust.

Farmer trust and satisfaction

We highly value and respect our farmers, believing them to be the starting point for a successful year and fully acknowledging our mutual interdependence. Having confidence in our farmer's reliability and integrity, incident upon their competence, honesty, and responsibility, we forge relationships of mutual trust and faith.


"We have seen dramatic improvements to our build quality, including efficiency"

Demetris Petrides, Managing Director, J&P Fresca ( Cyprus ) Produce Limited

Our implemented quality management system enables the testing and certification of our products. Investing in quality has helped the Company to win more business and satisfy all of our customers. Through experience, we examined tools commonly used to make employees and farmers care about quality, including training, and daily communication.

Effective resource utilisation

We are continually striving to reduce waste in every area of our workplace, from the factory floor to offices and employee cafeterias, while working to improve recycling and helping to create a recycling-based society. Towards that end, J&P Fresca ( Cyprus ) Produce Limited is implementing measures aiming to achieve zero waste emissions through recycling and reducing the amount of waste.


In a highly competitive agricultural industry it is essential to be effective and efficient. We therefore, value the training and development of our staff through continuous training seminars.

We set ambitious goals; we communicate high expectations to our employees thus building their self-confidence and intellectually challenge them.

We require formal feedback from the employees, something necessary for improving performance; therefore we expect direct and explicit communication between our sales, logistics and administration departments.